Filming and editing for Juicy Producy
After creating content with Skal Vi Bade for around six months, I got the opportunity to work with
comedian Jonis Josef at his production company Juicy Producy.
I started out being the producer and editor for two podcasts
and ended up being semi-involved in at least six different podcasts by Summer 2023.
We also created original content, for example, "Sivert Infiltrerer".
A comedic series where comic Sivert Eimhjellen took to the streets as an action reporter.
Produced, filmed and edited by myself.
This channel grew from 0 subscribers to over 1000 in one year
and has currently been viewed nearly 300 thousand times
Above you can find a link to the YouTube channel
Editing for ThatsSoJames and GreasyMac
I became the editor of James' second channel during the summer of 2020 as he was livestreaming himself on and wanted to upload highlights to expand his audience and reach. I came on board very early and have to this date edited his best performing videos and helped his channel grow.

Through James I got in contact with GreasyMac who already had more of an established audience, with one channel over 100,000 subscribers. However, he was also livestreaming on Twitch and wanted to reach more people on his second channel. Growth was smaller on this channel, but I gained a lot of experience editing funny moments and got pretty good at making jokes through editing.​

Above you can find a playlist of some of my favourite videos I've edited
Studio Assistant for The Voice
After graduating from University I managed to get a job as a Studio Assistant for The Voice Norway with ITV Norway. My job on shoots varied a lot, from covid-19 centred responsibilities to mopping the stage floor. I gained a lot of experience in the world of recorded TV.
ECL Backline and Crafts
Graphics Designer

Established in May 2019 by Charles V. Amundsen. We started with hiring technicians for stage productions but have switched to service and maintenance of sound, lighting, stage and backline. We are also very proud of our own brand ECL Crafts.
Graphics design and consulting
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